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JKS Just Great Logistics has been providing end -to -end logistics services connecting China to the international marketplace for over 20 years. JKS had expanded logistics coverages addressing ecommerce logistics requirements; B2B & B2C involving domestic distribution, cross-border ecommerce as well as overseas warehousing distribution (FBA and related programs).Through various carnations during a longevity for the last 20 years based in China, JKS has maintained its attitude with focus on pursuing customer satisfaction through operations excellence. Today, our team is running and managing 16 warehouse facilities & offices in China, South East Asia, and the U.S. with over USD 1 billion worth of cargos & freight.

  • international VIP customers
    customized service (refer to JKS products)
    overseas warehouses'set up and linking
    keep on Developing international freight
  • service for medium and small E-commerce customers and brand management companies,Taobao customers, and Weixin customers
    The 48h delivery network covers above 80% population.
    the first real 3P E-commerce product
  • 3PL service provider support by self owned platform
    Small middle ecomm players & brands who wanted to sell direct to their Chinese customer
    Shenzhen QWH BBC- June, Ningbo BC-September, and Shanghai BBC- July
  • transport management service
    comprehensive service(including cold transport and dangerous cargo) of FTL and LTL
    by the resourse of NO.1 cold chain company and strong TMS.
  • incubator of internet+
    tansform of traditional trade
    help manufacturers enter E-commerce circle.

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